Should You Give it Away for Free?

Most business owners cringe at the thought of giving something away fro free! After-all, you are in business to make money right? But I would like you to consider this... ever been in the food court of the mall and you see the little lady from the Asian restaurant giving out a FREE SAMPLE ?

Naturally you take the small free sample. In that moment 2 Laws of Human Behavior go into play.

• if the sample of food taste great it excites your appetite for MORE. The chances of you stopping and actually purchasing a dish from them increases DRASTICALLY.

• There is a undeniable urge to repay people when they do something for us. If I pay for your gas one day, there is a desire that is activated within you to repay the good deed. So because the “lil lady” gave you a free sample you are more inclined to go over to the line and see what is being offered even if you aren’t hungry. It’s your way of paying her back for her deed.

🤔 Could you give away a sample of something in your business? Sometimes people don’t know how good your “chicken” is until they have had a taste. Hit a customer with your BEST and get them HOOKED.

You know the drill.. did this make sense? Can you apply this to your business or organization to increase leads? Let me know in the comments below.