Make Your Brand Human!

STOP with the STIFF, no personality brands. 

It's really ok to give your brand some life! 

Do you know what company has done a really good job with this? 

 .. Progressive! 

Progressive introduced us to Flo in 2008! According to FastCompany, it was actually not Progressive's plan to center their brand around her but she had something special that made their brand unique and human. 

Quote from FastCompany:

"In the decade since her debut, Progressive’s business has more than doubled from $13.6 billion in 2008 to nearly $30 billion today. According to the company, its growth rate over that same time period, which accelerated to 21% in the company’s most recent quarter, has been roughly doubling that of the property and casualty insurance industry as a whole through the most recent year-end."

Here's another company that did a great job of adding some sauce to their marking mix.


Never-mind, I will just tell you..


You might not like their sandwiches, but Wendy's Twitter will give you ALL the feels and laughs. Don't try to roast Wendy's twitter account or you will be MAN handled or Burger Handled!

Does all of this make sense?

Here are some suggestions.

1. Allow your brand to tell jokes. Especially if it is a joke about day to day activities inside of your company! OR if there's something funny trending in pop culture, allow your brand to join in on the conversation.

2. Give a face to your brand, even if it isn't yours! That's what a brand mascot is for! Geico uses the cool little Gecko as their brand mascot.

3. Allow your brand to respond to the customer as if it is a real person! Especially if you have social profiles for your brand.

That's all folks!

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