Easy Market Research Hack!

💥😮Yo! Business Owners/Entrepreneurs

..before you launch THE NEW PRODUCT do #marketresearch.

..send the book title, the design, the product idea to about 10-15 people get solid feedback.

Have direct questions to ask them.

🤦🏽‍♂️Not just, "What do you think about ________?"

🗣Example Questions:

1. How much would you pay for _______?
2. Do you consider ______ a need or a want?
3. How can I make this better?
4. Does the name/color/feel catch your attention?
5. Do you use anything similar to ______ already?

The group MUST consist of people that are your ideal client. We mess up market research when we get feedback from people who are NOT our ideal client.

.. Once you collect data from these people, make proper adjustments. Remember, the customer is the boss. You are here to serve them so if it's RED because that's YOUR favorite color but your target customer says they like it in pink, change it!

Have you ever done any form of market research for your business or will you start today after reading this post? Let me know below!

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