5 Marketing Tips For Social Media

Whatsup Digital Hustlers?

So, you may or may not know that  I have been an entrepreneur for 10 years now and I started my first business venture back in 2008. It was a clothing line called Change Culture Clothing. The purpose of the clothing line was to give young Christians a fashion line that was trendy and colorful. Although the business is no longer around, it taught me so many valuable lessons about marketing and building a brand.

So from that, along with many other business ventures that took place within the last 10 years, I have learned a thing or two about marketing. I wouldn't say that I am an expert by any means BUT with a lot of failures comes to a lot of wisdom.

Below, I will list the TOP 5 things that I believe an online brand should encompass especially when it comes to social media marketing. 

Your Social Media should be 

1. Sexy
2. Shady
3. Comical
4. Informative
5. Inspirational

1. Be Shady

They say sex sells and to be honest, and I think that is very accurate. If you are attractive OR people feel that you are attractive I think it is in your best interest to use that to your advantage especially when you are the face of your brand. That means that if you are in an industry of coaching or you in the industry of teaching or you're in the industry where your face is constantly involved in the platform, it’s essential that you use what “you got”. 

That doesn't mean that you become “unprofessional” or “a porn star” but It does mean, show a sexy side your personality from time to time. Take a pic in a bathing suit, take a picture in a nice suit or for ladies - fix yourself up and take some nice pictures in your favorite dress and flaunt it. There is nothing wrong with embracing your sexiness. We are humans and we are moved visually. We judge things based on how THEY look and studies show that if a person is attractive they simply make better connections to their audience. So use it. 

2. Be Sassy

We all love a little flair and what I have noticed is that people respond to "shady content". The Wendys Twitter account does an excellent job of throwing funny shady jabs at its competitor and their audience eats it up. No, I am not saying find a brand to attach but what I am saying is that you should find a subtle way to throw jabs in a no evil way.  Even Chick-fil-A partakes in the fun when it using the cows in its marketing. Always encouraging us to "eat mor chikin". 

3. Be Comical 

What content do you tend to share MOST from social media? Without thinking twice you will share a funny meme or video. Why do we do this? Well, laughter is medicine to the soul according to the bible. People love to laugh and it makes us feel good and we like to share things that made us feel good about others. So, you consent should be funny sometimes. Don't always seek to be SUPER professional and always polished. That doesn't really convey authenticity to your audience. Yes, your stuff looks great but its also stale. Throw a funny caption in there or find something that was funny within your business and share it. 

4.  Be Informative

Offer valuable information. Tell your audience things that they didn't know. let them in on the secret of how you do what you do. Tell them about the amazing apps to help make their job easier.  Be the source of information and when you become known for that people begin to flock to you and your brand. Always ask yourself the question how can I help my people. 

5. Be Inspirational

Content that is inspiring is always popular.  Out of the two things that get shared the most I believe it is funny content and inspirational content. People love a story about overcoming challenges and beating the odds. I believe this is such a relatable thing because EVERYONE has had some type of experience where they felt like things just weren't working for them. So stories and messages that inspire connect with us because it gives us hope of whats possible. So in your branding make sure that you connect and use your voice to inspire. Tell about the hardships - tell about the victories. Whateva you can say that will uplift your audience, share it. 

Ensure that your brand is a lil' of all of these elements. Be authentic in your approach and watch the response that you will get.