the marc coley business academy

The path towards entrepreneurship is a journey full of highs, lows, and dead ends. When one decides to push against the walls of opposition and pursue an opportunity, empowerment is birthed. The moments of failure are an illusion, a distraction against your calling. You must maintain a dignified stance on winning and use failure to catapult yourself towards greatness.

As dreamers, we are NOT defined by our barriers. We are defined by our strength and persistence. Life has given us the opportunity to impact society! We were made to take the reins and lead with confidence. This is MY calling! This is OUR calling! This is OUR time.

I became an entrepreneur in 2008. This was way before it was the buzz word in today's pop culture. Before the “start-up” explosion. Before the shark tank, before any of that, I was locked away in my room building. I wasn’t sure what I was building and how it was going to turn out but I was brave. I was fearless.

I started my first business in 2008. It was a T-shirt company called Change Culture Clothing. I was so excited! I remember learning how to build my website and set up my store. There was so much to learn during that time. E-commerce was still fairly new for the average person unless you had thousands of dollars to get a savvy website built. FYI: I didn't. So I had to learn the "how to's" of business but it never crossed my mind to learn how to "market" my business.

Five businesses later and now, I understand that business often times isn't successful lack 3 key components. Community, information, and accountability.

The Marc Coley Business Academy will offer a wide array of monthly classes covering various subjects that range from business funding, team building, business law, social media marketing and everything else you can imagine that will meet the needs of the start-up entrepreneur. This is a place of community, accountability, empowerment, and training for today’s entrepreneur and creative.

Why is this game-changing? Entrepreneurs without community and business insight fail. Not because they aren't fit for the job, but because they don’t have the support and the information to excel. The Marc Coley Business Academy will be a place of BUILDING people and BUILDING communities. This is not a one-time event and it is NOT a webinar. More information will be provided on how to enroll and become a student. You will be able to pay in advance or month to month for membership.